Aloha! I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Lately, I’ve been coaching clients through some common themes, and one of them is inner dialogue. I truly believe that our inner dialogue can get us into a lot of trouble and cause us to miscommunicate. You need to think about the assumptions you have when beginning conversations. I won’t mention the familiar adage about assumptions, but you likely know what I mean. If you can identify that an assumption is creeping in your thought process, it’s helpful to ask yourself what information might I be missing?  Questions invoke spaciousness for more discovery.

“Questions invoke spaciousness for more discovery.”

If you’re in decision-making mode and find you’re thinking about worst-case scenarios with negative outcomes, listen for this in your thoughts. Disrupt these thoughts with appreciative inquiry: ‘Yes, this could occur, but what opportunities are presented here? It’s all about mindset; move from a fixed to a growth mindset.

We all have an inner critic, and some may call it their saboteur or enemy. I named my inner critic, Nelly. She often cautions me to avoid trying new things or taking risks.  Whatever you call it, recognize that the inner voice that tries to keep us small is just trying to protect us.

What I love about coaching is that I get to help leaders grow in their awareness and capacity to put these potential derailers in check, and provide them with tools and practices to apply, especially when tensions are high. As leaders grow into their skills to be coached, they also grow in their skills to coach others. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can become a great leader through coaching, contact me via phone or email me at I would love to help you. Aloha!