Based on Brené Brown's #1 New York Times Best Seller!

Join the global movement of over 40,000 leaders who are catalyzing courage, trust and resiliency within their work, community and home life.

Learn the four courage-building skill sets that teach you how to:

  • Rumble with vulnerability (awareness, emotional literacy, self-regulation and curiosity).
  • Live into one’s values (deep beliefs, integrity and motivation).
  • Cultivate trust (communication and psychological safety).
  • Rise from failure and setback (learning and resiliency).

Who should get trained?
Any adult who wants to level up in their authenticity (especially if you lead a team, division, board, or entire organization).


What benefits do participants gain?

  • Power skill learning in a safe and inclusive environment
  • Language, practices and tools to grow grounded confidence to lead courageously and influence a brave work culture
  • The official Dare to Lead™ Workbook which is a great companion during and after training
  • The Dare to Lead™ Trained LinkedIn Digital Credential 

Why do leaders need courage skills?

To be honest, leaders who lack brave skills, aren’t leading at their best.  Courage can help facilitate:

  • more direct, honest conversation 
  • setting boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries
  • more curiosity 
  • more creativity and risk-taking
  • embracing change
  • more empathy, accountability and learning
  • more commitment and shared purpose
  • more proactive leadership…to name a few.

How long is the training?
The full program is 24 hours and can be delivered in various installments.  Contact us for tailored program options.

**This training is NOT a train-the-trainer curriculum and does NOT offer facilitation credentialing.***    

Charletta Wilson, PhD, ACC, CDTLF

In 2018, Dr. Charletta Wilson was trained by #1 best-selling author-researcher, Dr. Brené Brown. Char has transformed the minds of thousands of leaders from around the world applying the Dare to Lead framework and is normalizing the human experience in the workplace.  Whether virtually or in person, Team CaPeesh masterfully creates brave space for learning and growth for leaders at all levels.  What distinguishes Dare to Lead from other leadership programs is its accessibility and relevance for all domains of life. 

 “Courage can liberate a person on so many levels.  I love and live this work!” ~ Char

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What people are saying...

“Char’s expertise, insights and guidance shared during the Dare to Lead™ training, in addition to our follow up conversations, gave me the confidence and tools to better both my personal and work life. I feel I have become a more effective leader, better able to navigate challenging conversations with colleagues while being caring and supportive. Sharing what I’ve learned with our faculty and staff has positively impacted how our team provides an exceptional educational program for our students and school community.”

– Steve Ross, Elementary School Principal