1:1, Team and Group Coaching

We believe that leaders are creative, resourceful and whole.  With that philosophy, we help you gain new skills to lead and live better work lives. Through a co-creative process, you will gain clarity on what’s most important to you and your team, what resources are needed to move forward to new habits and new ways of being.   

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “…partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  The skill of coaching and the gift it yields is important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. When you’re coached with CaPeesh you… 

  • Self-discover and clarify goals
  • Align behavior with values
  • Elicit solutions and strategies to go forward
  • Accountability to your commitments

This process changes lives, relationships and unlocks human potential!

"Char is an amazing coach who I could open up to right away.  She helped me understand my habits and choices in ways I didn't think possible.  We worked on several of my goals and finally, I've been able to harness the courage to prioritize the work-life balance I dreamt of having."

We’ve worked with executives in Agriculture, Christian Leadership, Beverage Distribution, Cold-Chain Logistics, Family-Owned Business, Financial Services, Healthcare Administration, Higher Education Administration, Engineering, Human Resources Leadership, K-12 Education,  Military and Civilian Government, Real Estate, and Risk Management.

Group or Team Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching can be used for a variety of results and applications, such as problem-solving, team building, cultivating deep networks, core leadership skillbuilding, quick-spread, and peer support/renewal.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 with a certified professional coach. Structure, guidance and support to identify current state, resources and action to realize desired growth/project goals.

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