We apply the appropriate learning strategies for understanding and application.


We help your team to development shared language and skills for better leadership.


We show you how to integrate and develop sustainable practice.

Proudly Serving the Pacific Islands, Asia and Beyond.

Leadership Development

We serve clients who understand that better people leads to better business.


This process changes lives, relationships and unlocks human potential!

Group Facilitation

Anyone who wants to live and lead more authentically. If you lead a team, division, board, or entire organization — this is a game changer!

Charletta Wilson, PhD

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Dr. Charletta Wilson is the founding principal of CaPeesh Consulting Incorporated. Her doctoral training is in industrial & organizational psychology and her passion is to help unlock minds and hearts to uplift the quality of people’s choices and lives.  As a certified professional Coach and Facilitator, she has helped thousands of leaders become more effective in managing self and relationships in the face of uncertain and complex times. 

Char is a TEDx Speaker and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.  CaPeesh partners with world class coaches, trainers, and facilitators to create and deliver transformational support that builds character, skill and resilience.

“The quality of workplace performance is determined by the quality of our being. Our #1 priority is to grow the minds AND hearts of leaders in Hawaii, the Pacific and beyond.” 

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